Professional Values

These are the professional values of the School of Library and Information Management at ESU. Below each value, I have listed examples  from my SLIM experience of artifacts that I produced that demonstrate my competency in each area.


Commit to quality client-centered services, advocate for equity and value diversity in its many forms

This artifact was created for  LI837: Teaching in the Information Professions. The purpose of this class was to give an overview of the theories and models of instructional design and pedagogy, as well as learning how to teach well. 

This artifact is a critique of a video instruction for an academic library. I evaluated this video and from that learned how to better fulfill patron needs through videos, how to effectivively communicate through a variety of media such as video, libguides, in person instruction, and handouts, and how to make them more useful to the patron.  It shows that I am committed to high quality client-centered services. 


Demonstrate leadership potential, with creativity in problem solving and openness to new ideas

The purpose of LI:868  Advacocy and Information Organizations is to show students how to apply advacocy tools and practices to build or create stakeholder support for the library's goals and resource needs.  Students also learned about marketing and public relations.  

This artifact is part of my advacocy campaign for eco-friendly libraries. With this infogram, I hope to show librarians and library decision makers that being eco-friendly isn't hard, time consuming or expensive. This artifact shows that I can aid in the effective and apprpropriate change in libraries - but I need help doing it. Please share the infographic on facebook, twitter or pinterest!


Exhibit ethical behavior, knowledge and attitudes

LI855: Collection Development focused on collection building and management in 21st century libraries and information organizations. We discussed current issues, practices and policies relating to building and mainting collections and examined proceedures for evaluating, selecting, acquiring, and deselecting materials. Budget, policy formation, evaluation, and information freedom were also addressed. 

This is a presentation that our group gave concerning a hypothetical 15% budget cut to the collections budget for our chosen library. We chose to look at Newton Public Library. The presentation first discusses the library collection in general, then explains our recommendations for what to do in case of a cut in funding. It demonstrates ethical behavior because it could have been very easy to cut 15% of controversial books, but instead, we chose to do the right things, such as doing a community needs assessment before deciding what to cut. 


Guide and teach current and future clients and information professions to ensure the continued growth of the field

LI815:Information Technology introduces students to basic information technology concepts necessary for library and information professionals. The course covers the fundaments of personal computers, including hardware and software, file management, networking, internet tools and applications, and other emerging technologies. 

This artifact is a presentation about a class for senior citizens about how to send, recieve and download attachments to emails.  It shows my ability to guide and teach patrons. 

This artifact was not completed for a class, but rather a presentation with two co-workers to the Kansas Library Association - College and University Library Section (KLA-CULS) Fall 2012 conference. This artifact shows my ability to participate in professional development activities by disseminating new information to colleagues. In this presentation, the Director of Instruction and the two GTAs discussed the rationale for this teaching approach, success stories from the 2011/12 academic year, lessons learned, and strategies for utilizing student strengths from your own institution's undergraduate and graduate students as peer library mentors.